Monday, 21 February 2022

Here is 'Recovered' Vol 3: the final book in the series of book works (each in an edition of 10) where dreams of the future have been expressed through hats and print. 

It is now ready for the much-anticipated Oxford Fine Press Book Fair. The prospect is so exciting - to see again beautiful books, prints and ephemera from some of the world's finest presses - over 100 stands. The fair takes place at the Examination Schools, 75 - 81 High Street, Oxford. 

£5 fee covers both days, a catalogue and lectures on Sunday. 

Saturday 5th March 11am - 5pm and Sunday 6th March 10am - 5pm. I hope to see you there! 

Sunday, 27 June 2021

 For a small 'Open Studio' event this week - outside and inside my print room at Essex Road. 

Here are images of some colour collagraphs from the book 'Recovered Vol. 2' to be published in November 2021.

Friday, 23 October 2020



Recovered Vol. 2. is the latest of three invented book forms. It was printed this Summer and will now be published in November 2021 (for the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair). Each form, planned as three small volumes was inspired by the discovery of a newspaper in the cellar of the cafe on this first page. The most recent of these, 'A Storm of Stars', bought by the Bodleian Library during lockdown can be found at

'Overview' is an exhibition made from a parachute shared into 40x60 cm pieces. The banner I made refers to events in Thame in 1913 as described by Jane Robinson in her book 'Hearts and Minds'. An exhibition of maps at the Bodleian Library inspired work in progress in this new medium which grew into a drawn and printed collage with stitches. Now and for probably a good while yet, this free exhibition hangs from the balcony at (Covid precautious) Thame Library in North Street.

Leonie's Modulors, as shown in their new tower at the Small Publisher's Fair last autumn also open out into separate prints and can be bought unfolded. Please request a colour swatch 


Sunday, 15 March 2020

Some news... good and otherwise...

Above is an image of our books in a new display in the Treasures Room at the British Library: “Meeting Point”, “Hatbox” and “Printess & the ‘p” are still available (editions are very limited) and further information is available on request. 

The British Library Contemporary British Collection has long supported p's & q’s Press, first acquiring some of Christine Tacq’s small books from the Sleep Walking Through Trees series printed between 1996 and 1998. 

Contemporary artists’ books are currently celebrated with a dedicated cabinet in The Treasures Gallery. It is so exciting to see the form find its place amongst some of the most important publications and documents in the world. We are honoured that Meeting Point by Leonie Lachlan and Hatbox by Christine Tacq have been selected to feature in this display. 

Adjacent to the Art of The Book is a collection of books illustrating the history of printing. Printess & the ‘p’ is placed at the opposite end of the cabinet from the Diamond Sutra, the first ever printed book.

Sadder news is that that the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair has been postponed. However it will now take place on the 28th and 29th of November 2020, still in the same venue, The Examinations Room on the High Street. In the meantime should you wish to receive any information or prospectuses about any p's & q's Press publications please contact or 


Friday, 30 August 2019

At last the last page of the new book! 

'Concordia' is a wire frottage. I discovered how wire worked for this when I made the first 'Barricade' prints ('Ira/Patientia' is the one shown here) creating images on wage packets joined as pages for 'Barricadia, Psychomachia, Concordia'. 

This and another new book will be shown at 
The Oxford Guild of Printers Wayzgoose, Oxford Brookes University, Sat 2nd Nov.
The Small Publishers Fair, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, Fri 15th & Sat 16th Nov. Both events are free.