Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Meeting Point had its UK Fine Press Book Fair launch at the spacious new venue at Oxford Kassam Stadium. 

Here are two future events at which p's & q's will be showing:

Ex Libris, an exhibition of recycled and transformed books by Sparksartists & friends. 
The Loft Gallery, Blickling Hall, Aylsham, Norfolk, NR11 6NF
3rd - 29th September, 10am - 5.30pm, entry free

Oxford Guild of Printers 'Wayzgoose' 
Oxford Brookes University, Headington Campus
Saturday 3rd November 10am - 5pm, entry free

Monday, 14 May 2018

Amazing to see the original May '68 posters in Paris last week (whose creation was described in paperback pages I rescued for my altered book - see below). We did ask if these were the original screen prints. Yes they were! Some were donated to the Ecole des Beaux Arts archives from ones the police had confiscated. So after 50 years some things do change.. Printmakers might notice that maybe some don't. 

Here is the 'hatbox' I made for 'A Storm of Stars' with a slipcase and a folder by The Fine Book Bindery and another image of the book itself. If you want to see the real thing I am working on the last stages, and will be sharing the studio with Heather Hunter from 19th to the 28th May (including the bank holiday but closed on Thursday). We will be demonstrating various aspects of making books on weekday afternoons as part of Oxfordshire Artworks, - we would love to see you anytime between 11am and 6pm. 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Happy 2018! We will soon be back at the UK Fine Press Book Fair on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March at the Kassam Stadium in Oxford.

Unable to resist making two altered books for the still current 'Ex Libris' exhibition, Christine rescued a falling-apart paperback in one book, and in the other hid a smaller book, also pressure-printed with assembled 'barricades'.

The originals included articles about the Anglo-Saxon 'Psychomania' manuscript of exquisite  pen and ink images depicting savage 'spirit wars'. They are now 'commonplace books'; collections of ideas from which new artist's bookworks can emerge. 

Monday, 12 June 2017

New Books

p's & q's Press have two new publications out this year. 

Leonie's new book Meeting Point, pictured above in its special edition with slipcase and screen prints, can be viewed on request at her Royal College of Art MA exhibition which opens on the 23rd of June and runs until the 2nd July (closed on Friday 30th June). 

Contact Leonie if you are heading to the exhibition and you would like to have a look at the book. Show 2017 is at the RCA Battersea site on Howie Street, SW11 4AN. More info here 

Christine has made an octagonal printed box for A Storm of Stars which slides into a slipcase made at The Fine Book Bindery. Only the books is shown in the image above - the rest will be shown at The Oxford Fine Press Book Fair in March 2018.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Leonie and I will both be showing new books at this weekend's BABE. Come and say hello! 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Since 2000 Book Project International has been run by Vis a Vis who have built up a collection of artist publications that have regularly been exhibited in libraries. A selection of several of these many works from many countries will be presented here. They will become catalysts for other art forms; dance, drama, installation to be captured in the drawings of three artists.

Book project International also gives space to young creators by putting in the spotlight the works of young art students Camille Renaut from Haut Ecole des Arts de Rhin and Leonie Lachlan graduate of Newcastle University and the Royal Drawing School. Their recent works will be presented. 
Here's hoping to see you at one of these artist book events in late 2016. (ENTRY FREE)

A glorious exhibition in Dorset (Bridport Arts Centre) to coincide with their Open Book Week, open Tues-Sat 10am to 4pm until Friday 14th October. 

As it was used to advertise the exhibition, a final version of 'Recovered' Vol. 1 is now being printed in an edition of 10 (and shown by p's & q's press at all three events).

Oxford Guild of Printers' WAYZGOOSE 
Printers, illustrators, bookbinders, typecasters, buy-browse-commune. 

Oxford Brookes University, Wheatley Campus, Dora Cohen Hall, OX33 1HX (bus from Oxford station/centre/Headington every 20 minutes). 
Open Saturday October 22nd 10am - 5pm

Celebration of books by contemporary artists, poets, writers and book designers. 
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL (High Holborn Tube)
Open Fri - Sat, 11am - 7pm, November 4th & 5th