Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Happy New Year. Here are stars that were etched by children from Milton Keynes 30 years ago, with Rosetta and Philae Lander as I imagined them. The mission was recently explained to me by a scientist. She described them as mother and child. 

I spent most of 2014 printing 'Printess & the p'. The latest copy to be posted off has gone to Mount Holyoke College Collection and Archives, who have all of my books. 'Printess & the p' is in some exciting new collections, including the Royal Academy of Arts Library. 2015 will be a time to play again with new ideas. 

The Winter issue of Printmaking Today includes a short write up on the results of Leonie's Balfron Tower residency and exhibition 'The Ordered Shell'. 

The image above shows the title piece from the exhibition, a carborundum and drypoint print. The work was produced in a temporary print room Leonie set up in flat 132 in September.