Monday, 28 December 2015

I am very interested in the way folding changes images.
Now my HAPPY NEW YEAR card sets her face against the storm.

Oxford Fine Press Bookfair 2015,  up on our ledge, lots of folding, unfolding and explaining - a great way to meet old and new friends alike and show new books 'City Cypher London' and 'A Storm of Stars: Hang their hats'. 

Friday, 25 September 2015

p's & q's Press invite you to The UK Fine Press Book Fair at Oxford Brookes University Sat 31st October & Sunday 1st November 10am - 5pm. Read Christine's interview with Sarah Bodman in this quarter's Printmaking Today.

Here are the results of a summer spent editioning City Cyphers.

Heather Hunter and Christine enjoyed the tremendous Big Draw launch in Oxford last Saturday. Below is an image of them at Nic Armitage's animation workshop. Join them on Saturday 24th October at Sparksartists' event at Thame Museum.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


The forthcoming Sparksartists exhibition Timelines is taking place at Thame Museum (79 High Street) during Thame Arts & Literature Festival. @tal_festival. Everyone is invited and anyone can take part in a free drawing event there on Saturday 24th October. This is part of the international celebration of drawing 

The poster image below is an elegant response by Heather Hunter to the theme of timelines. Each artist involved in the exhibition is including a timelines sketchbook. Mine began by celebrating drawing and very quickly turned to playing with print. 

Monday, 6 April 2015


Don't forget to call into the studio from 16th-26th May for Oxford Artweeks, an opportunity to 'enjoy the visual arts in a relaxed and friendly way'.

This is an artist's proof copy of Printess & the p, one of the very few books left that are bound in silk and come with extra prints. There were no extra prints of this page, only trial ones on my studio pinboard at 2 Essex Road. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

I heard that Philae Lander is ready to come awake again from it's sleep on a meteor...... Same here. 

Come to the The Bristol Artists' Book Event, BABE, on April 11th and 12th. I will be there with p's & q's Press possibly wearing this beautiful hat made for me by Louise Pocock who has just opened a shop

'Hatbox' (the tiny ones are all A/P copies) is now completely editioned and I am working on something for a lifesized hatbox. The constructed print below shows 'where you hang your hat' and for two weeks is with other works by 'Sparksartists' at Aylesbury Queens Park Centre. It extends the earlier “Hatbox”; recreating the cafĂ© in whose cellar the germinal newspaper women’s pages were found. 

Leonie's City Cypher: London is in progress....only a couple of weeks to go before BABE