Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A Storm of Stars

I've been spending more time coming up with book shapes, less in the etching and printing rooms (thanks to book fairs!) It is a real privilege for a visual artist to have such creative interchanges. At the very busy Oxford fair time just flew by. At a much smaller fair in Cirencester the week after, I sold the only completed A/P copy of 'Recovered ; A Storm of Stars Vol. 1' So there's a chance for a rethink before I go into production...

This book (in three small volumes) about 12 women in 1912 and about display, in the shapes of hats and print, needed a new form. The emerging new one (in this photo with its hatbox) is much more about 'display'.
The earlier version (see last year's blog entry) will still exist in it's more secretive form, for research and biography that is still being 'Recovered' and that can be hidden away and rediscovered between pages held together by wooden, printed and sharpened hatpins.

I was delighted that the new book form, which came about totally through expediency because I wanted to put pages into a hatbox, also formed itself into star shapes. One hatbox will hold 'A Storm of Stars' in three volumes. The book's title was taken from a poem by Marina Tsvetaeva.

Here is an invitation to an exhibition in Bath in February during the Bath Literature Festival.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Berlin City Cypher

Leonie Lachlan is shortly going to print the next book in her award winning City Cypher series with p's & q's Press. These images show the lino cuts for City Cypher: Berlin in progress in Leonie's Tea Building Studio in Shoreditch.

The architectural codes for the City Cypher series are taken from Leonie's drawings from tall buildings in cities across the world.