Thursday, 4 March 2010

Paper Casts and Chapel Row Exhibition

All day today I have been making the very last paper cast insert for Sleep Walking Through Trees (boxed) using this mould. If you zoom out through the studio door you might find the weeping ash that inspired the mould. In a week or two the whole edition (45 copies of which 15 are boxed) will be complete, having been bound at the Fine Book Bindery. The earliest copies of this letterpress edition started to be collected about four years ago, and printing began not long after my printing press arrived from Brighton. I should celebrate...

I love the way The Chapel Row Gallery in Bath has exhibited our books for their recent exhibition. They were laid out to make looking and handling such an easy pleasure. 'Sleep Walking' is there on the table. Small books were in open cabinets.

Thank you Fine Press Book Association for organising this show! I wish there was a permanent space somewhere so I could finish reading Neil Boulsford's engraved 'Cycle' images, arranged in chapters on the right hand wall. It would be so good if the V&A (who have his book) kept a permanent changing space for books to be seen.