Monday, 21 September 2009

London Art Book Fair

p's & q's press are showing at the London Art Book Fair this weekend.

Preview: Friday 25th September 2 - 5pm (followed by live music and performances until late)

Fair: Friday 25th September, 5pm - late, Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th September 11am - 6pm
Admission Free

T: 0207 5393316

Launched earlier this year and new from p's & q's press is A Memorable Fancy; Une Vision Memorable which be featured at the London Art Book Fair.

William Blake’s dream of printing; a book of contrasts in which etchings by Christine Tacq unfold to celebrate the visionary in the everyday, and woodcuts by José San Martin (Azul Editions) juxtapose the English and French languages. The book is letterpress printed in Garamond on Somerset paper. In this edition of 54, 27 even numbered copies are bound at the Fine Book Bindery. 10 copies with 4 prints are held in solander cases and bound with a tarnished copper insert on he front cover, 17 copies are in slipcases.

José has just had his work featured at la Librarie Niçaise at 145 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris. This is a beautiful and friendly artists' book shop, the whole of the upstairs room is lined with glass cabinets to the ceiling displaying pages.


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