Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Leonie's New Drawings in NOT (an exhibition)

Leonie is showing her books and a couple of new large drawings at NOT (an exhibition), the launch the of independent visual arts and music agency NO WAY at Dalston's Print House Gallery until the end of June.

The works are part of Leonie's latest project, tentatively titled 'Envisageable Cities', and are large-scale pencil drawings conjured from the artist's imagination. They are inspired by Leonie's recent trip to the construction sites of Qatar and by literature on labyrinths.

The exhibition is open now and it is well worth seeing the drawings up close as they are so intricately detailed and are easily accessed in the mosaic covered Reeves building in a quiet back street right next to Dalston Junction.

Exhibition open 8th - 30th June,
Monday to Friday until 6pm or at evenings/weekends by appointment (contact leonie.lachlan@gmail.com)
The Print House Gallery
18 Ashwin Street
London E8 3DL


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