Thursday, 28 February 2013


Here is the box I made, at last, and delivered to the British Library this month for their copy of 'Places'. The first boxed book is in the Buckinghamshire County Museum's collection. It was made to find out 'can artists ever work together?', part of 'artist's forum' at the Museum's exhibition in 2007 'Clear Skies and Dark Clouds', about different artists working together in the county between the wars.

We made each page with a print and a quote. Jean Mould Hart made this linocut with remembered episodes hanging in the landscape on a washing line. Heather Hunter's lino blocks were repeated to make the box. Christine Lock's page included a quote by Clare Leighton and a page that she cut out minutes before the book launch. This added to the exhilarating experience of making a new book together in such a short time. My place of inspiration is summed-up in the tiny wood-engraving of a tree I can see from my studio. 

Our answer to the question posed by the exhibition was 'yes' I think, although the geographically close artists in the exhibition only worked together very occasionally if at all. 


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