Tuesday, 25 August 2015


The forthcoming Sparksartists exhibition Timelines is taking place at Thame Museum (79 High Street) during Thame Arts & Literature Festival. www.talfestival.org @tal_festival. Everyone is invited and anyone can take part in a free drawing event there on Saturday 24th October. This is part of the international celebration of drawing www.thebigdraw.org 

The poster image below is an elegant response by Heather Hunter to the theme of timelines. Each artist involved in the exhibition is including a timelines sketchbook. Mine began by celebrating drawing and very quickly turned to playing with print. 


  1. Thanks for this interesting post regarding Sparksartists exhibition. It was a brilliant event and was up to my expectations. I had wonderful time there. My daughter is very keen to attend a similar event at one of the community event venues in Chicago. She wants me to join her in this event.