Monday, 12 June 2017

New Books

p's & q's Press have two new publications out this year. 

Leonie's new book Meeting Point, pictured above in its special edition with slipcase and screen prints, can be viewed on request at her Royal College of Art MA exhibition which opens on the 23rd of June and runs until the 2nd July (closed on Friday 30th June). 

Contact Leonie if you are heading to the exhibition and you would like to have a look at the book. Show 2017 is at the RCA Battersea site on Howie Street, SW11 4AN. More info here 

Christine has made an octagonal printed box for A Storm of Stars which slides into a slipcase made at The Fine Book Bindery. Only the books is shown in the image above - the rest will be shown at The Oxford Fine Press Book Fair in March 2018.


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